Translating bitsofcode

Interested in translating an article from bitsofcode? You're in the right place! First of all, thanks for wanting to translate my article. Generally, I allow any free-to-view blogs to translate my articles, as long as they follow the rules below.

Ground rules

  1. Always contact me before you translate an article, even if you're done so before. The reason is that I work with a number of blogs of different languages, and I allow them to translate articles on a first-come-first-serve basis. I don't allow duplicates of the same article in the same language, so make sure you ask me if the article you want to translate is available first.
  2. Your blog must be free to view. You are not allowed to host my translated article on a page that users have to pay to view. Advertisements are okay, subject to my discretion.
  3. Send me the link when you're done. When you're done translating the article, don't forget to send me the link.
  4. You must include the paragraph below at the beginning of your translated article. The paragraph must be written in the language of your translation (so not in English)

This is a translation of 'ARTICLE NAME HERE', written by Ire Aderinokun and published on Read the original article here (LINK TO ARTICLE)

For example, if you are translating the article titled, "What, exactly, is the DOM?", it would read:

This is a translation of "What, exactly, is the DOM?", written by Ire Aderinokun and published on Read the original article here

Request to translate

Use the contact form below to request to translate an article and I'll get back to you asap to let you know if you're okay to go.