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When is :focus-visible visible?

Focus outlines (and their styling) have frequently been a point of contention between aesthetics and usability. On the one hand, focus outlines are incredibly important for navigation, particularly by...

From Ghost to 11ty

Over 5 years ago, I migrated this blog From Jekyll to Ghost. Back then, my reasons for moving to Ghost were because - I wanted a CMS Managing all the posts’ raw markdown files in one folder was gett...

Web Performance Metrics Cheatsheet

I recently gave a talk on “Making Sense of Performance Metrics” at the Web Unleashed Conference, and it was suggested that I turn the breakdown of all the performance metrics into a cheatsheet; so her...

Highlights from Chrome Dev Summit 2020

CDS in 2020 was a bit different, like everything else. It was online, and the talks were more bite-sized at roughly 10 minutes each. I really enjoyed this new style of the summit and, while I missed t...

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